Manufacturing Method of Lithium Battery Injection Glove Antechamber

The liquid-filled glove box antechamber is an important part of the lithium polymer soft pack battery production process after it is packed into the glove box for electrolyte injection, and it needs to be transported out of the glove box after vacuum sealing. It is very important. There are strict technical requirements for the gas environment, pressure, temperature, and dryness in the glove box when injecting the electrolyte and vacuum sealing.

The transition bin control program does not have a mutual induction function to open the inner and outer sealed doors, and the inner and outer doors can be opened at the same time. Hidden safety hazards: When workers intentionally or unintentionally open one of the sealed doors without closing the other, it will cause gas leakage in the glove box, the gas environment in the box will not meet the standards, the pressure inside the box, temperature, and dryness. Degree does not meet the corresponding process requirements, affecting product quality. It will already cause the failure of the air circulation system, affect the normal operation of equipment, and affect production.

Aiming at the shortcomings of the prior art, a vacuum rectangular box with strong sealing, simple structure and high strength, low maintenance rate, and high degree of automation is provided as a transition chamber for battery injection glove box. The inner seal structure and the outer seal structure are used to strengthen the seal between the warehouse body and the inner and outer warehouse doors, and to reduce the friction between the warehouse door and the warehouse door when the inner and outer warehouse doors are opened, effectively ensuring that the warehouse door and The seals between the chamber bodies reduce or completely avoid friction. The overall structure is simple and high in strength, which can effectively reduce the maintenance rate. Automatically controlled door locks can improve production efficiency and ensure tightness.

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Manufacturing Method of Lithium Battery Injection Glove Antechamber
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