Modern laboratories and processing centers often require the use of high-purity gases and high-purity materials for more sophisticated modern fine processing and production, such as some large analytical instruments. In addition, in the daily laboratory and industrial production, some inert gases are also required. Atmospheric environment, such as some reducing reagents, catalysts, metals, etc. in the open air will cause the reagents to be oxidized directly in the air, or lose the reducing ability, or directly form an inert oxide layer on the surface, causing the metal surface to lose reduction or The ability to catalyze requires a closed environment protected by an inert gas for processing. These experimental operations can be completed in the glove box, which is currently a conventional glove box.

To this end, an intelligently controlled glove box and an intelligent system of the Internet of Things are provided to realize the movement control and centralized management of the glove box with safety and peace of mind. It has intelligent functions such as real-time device status synchronization, device data report records, historical data query, alarm message active notification, remote device debugging, online fault diagnosis and online repair, and online customer service. This device is suitable for experiments that produce harmful gases during the experiment.

The intelligent control system of the Internet of Things realizes intelligent control during the experiment, which is easy to operate and has obvious effects; it can make the device suitable for experiments that produce harmful gases during the experiment.


  • Feb 15, 2020
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