Precautions for high temperature resistance furnace

1. Do not exceed the maximum temperature of the high-temperature resistance furnace during use.

2. Be sure to cut off the power when loading and taking samples to prevent electric shock.

3. When loading and taking samples, the opening time of the furnace door should be as short as possible to extend the service life of the electric furnace.

4. It is forbidden to pour any liquid into the furnace.

5. Do not put the sample wetted with water and oil into the furnace; do not use the clamp wetted with water and oil to pick up the sample.

6. Wear special gloves when loading and taking samples to prevent burns.

7. The sample should be placed in the middle of the furnace, neatly placed, and do not place it randomly.

8. Do not touch the electric furnace and surrounding samples casually.

9. The power and water source should be cut off after use.

10. Do not operate the resistance furnace without the permission of the management personnel, and operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures of the equipment.

11. When in use, the furnace temperature must not exceed the maximum furnace temperature, and do not work above the rated temperature for a long time.

12. The working environment conditions are: temperature 050, relative humidity <80%, no conductive dust, no flammable and explosive materials and corrosive gas.

13. When using, the furnace door should be opened and closed gently to prevent damage to the parts.

14. When taking samples in the furnace, turn off the power first and handle with care to ensure safety and avoid damage to the furnace.

15. In order to prolong the service life of the product and ensure safety, samples should be taken out of the furnace in time after the equipment is used, withdraw the heating and turn off the power supply.

16. Atmospheric pressure of equipment environment: under atmospheric pressure.

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