The glove box equipment commonly used in the laboratory mainly consists of a tank, a gas purification system, a transition chamber, a vacuum pump, a control system and additional functions. The glove box equipment is a completely sealed vacuum laboratory instrument.

    When we operate the vacuum glove box, the gas is purified from the filtering and purification system of the fuel tank and sent back to the fuel tank equipment to repeat the cycle. The primary diluent is to separate radioactive substances or other toxic substances. The glove box is equipped with a viewing window to facilitate experimental operations. .

    Therefore, we also have some general precautions when operating the glove box. If you should consult special medicines or unconventional supplies before the operation, users should not leave long nails, nor can they carry jewelry, rings or other things that may damage the gloves. It is necessary for the operator to wear gloves in the glove table of the glove box. Before use, check the working pressure plan on the glove box panel and the adjustment should be within ±4 mbar.

    Operate in the glove box, be careful and tidy, and be careful when using tweezers and other sharp objects to prevent piercing the gloves; cover the electrolyte immediately after using it; put the items back in place when they are used up; wipe the battery after pressing the battery Clean the electrolyte on the tablet press; put the waste into the waste bin; after the operation, check that the above items are correct before leaving the cabin.

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