1. Push the glove to be replaced into the chamber


2. Remove the outer O-ring, then move the inner O-ring to the outer groove of the glove port


3. Roll the gloves to the outer edge of the O-ring, taking care not to let the gloves fall from the port of the glove box


4. Compress the new gloves as much as possible to drive out the air inside


5. Install the new glove on the glove port and put it on the old glove


6. Install an O-ring on the groove inside the glove port outside the new glove


7. If possible, put the new gloves into an isolated working gas environment for cleaning (this can remove air to the greatest extent and reduce the amount of air entering the glove box)


8. From the glove box, use another glove to take the old gloves into the chamber


  9. Install an O-ring on the groove outside the glove port outside the new glove


10. Take out the old gloves through the antechamber and dispose of them properly.

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