Glove boxes in the field of nuclear research mainly involve the handling of radioactive substances, and these glove boxes are based on the principle of ensuring that operators are free from radioactive threats. There are strict regulations for glove boxes used in the fields of nuclear waste, post-treatment, nuclear energy and nuclear research. Nichwell strictly abides by a series of international safety standards such as environmental protection and quality control in the design of glove boxes for nuclear applications.

Function Description:

1. Leakage rate < 5 × 10-5 / h

2. With automatic emission and radiation treatment function

3. Lifting and moving mechanism is set in the box

Quick and safe change of gloves

It can achieve the effect of quick and safe replacement of gloves, especially in the process of changing gloves, so that the contaminated gloves will not be exposed to the atmosphere or the gas in the container will not leak into the atmosphere.

Device for quick change of filter or filter element

It mainly solves the problem that pollutants will be emitted to the air during the removal of the filter. It can realize the rapid replacement of filter or filter element, achieve the purpose of experiment and environmental protection.

Material transfer device

Transfer hazardous, toxic or sterile materials from one sealed container to another without polluting the environment around the sealed container. The transfer device includes a port - usually mounted on the wall of the isolator / glove box, and a product transfer port β device. When the two components are combined, materials can be quickly transferred in and out of the environment under continuous control.

Bag seal device

The bag of the device is used for the function of delivering sterile products or wastes separately. After the components are loaded, the bag can be sterilized and connected to the filling line at any time. Different configurations can provide all-round security protection for various fields.


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