When the glove box is used for chemical experiments or production (such as the lithium battery industry), a lot of hydrofluoric acid (HF) gas will volatilize in the glove box. This gas will not only cause damage to the water oxygen probe, vacuum pump and purification materials, but also There will be unpleasant odors leaking from the transition cabin into the room, and affect the health of the operator. At present, in the glove box industry, activated carbon is generally used as an adsorbent to adsorb organic solvents, but the adsorption capacity for hydrofluoric acid is limited. Therefore, seeking a special adsorption device for glove box gas with the service life of the water and oxygen probe and purification material significantly increased is an urgent problem that the entire industry needs to solve.

Aiming at the shortcomings of the prior art, a special adsorption device for glove box gas with a water and oxygen probe and a purification material that has significantly improved service life is provided. The technical solution of the utility model is a special adsorption device for glove box gas, which includes a glove box body and a stainless steel column connected with the glove box body. The stainless steel column is connected with a circulation pipeline, and the connection between the stainless steel column and the circulation pipeline is provided with an adsorption layer. . As a further optimization, the adsorption layer is a hydrofluoric acid gas adsorption layer. Activated carbon is arranged in the adsorption layer. Compared with the prior art, the beneficial effects of the special adsorption device for the glove box gas are mainly manifested in the service life of the glove box after using the special adsorption material for hydrofluoric acid gas, the water oxygen probe and the purification material.

In the process of chemical experiments, harmful gases that harm human health are often released, which seriously endangers the health of the experimenters and the atmospheric environment. For example, in the laboratory, people can install ventilation cabinets and other exhaust devices to avoid the experimenters from inhaling harmful gases as much as possible. However, if the teacher wants to conduct a chemical demonstration experiment in the classroom, the harmful gas generated during the chemical demonstration experiment must be released into the classroom space, which will cause the pollution of the classroom air and affect the health of teachers and students. . In addition, the current ventilating devices have only ventilation functions, which cannot completely avoid harm to the human body and cannot purify harmful gases, so that harmful gases are directly discharged outdoors and become a pollution source of the air environment.

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