Operation Precautions and Maintenance Instructions of Glove Box

Precautions for glove box operation:

1. The vacuum pump shall be kept open during system operation.

2. When the oxygen concentration in the tank exceeds 200 ppm, the equipment maintenance personnel shall be informed to operate the system, otherwise the water and oxygen purification system will be damaged.

3. Before starting the cycle, check whether the box condition or regeneration is in progress. If the above mentioned operation is in progress, it is absolutely forbidden to cycle.

4. two purification columns cannot be regenerated at the same time.

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Operation Instructions for Putting and Taking Out Items of Glove Box

1. Put items in glove box

1) Close the transition bin after the completion of air supply;

2) Open the outer warehouse door, put the articles into the warehouse, and close the outer warehouse door;

3) Three times of air extraction and replenishment (if the negative pressure of liquid crystal screen and closed bottle cannot be too large, the time of air extraction can be reduced and the times of air extraction can be increased as appropriate);

4) Open the inner door and take out the goods;

5) Close the inner bin door, pump it to the negative pressure state, and place it for use.

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Operation Instruction for the Main Antechamber and Mini Antechamber of the Glove Box

1、 Operation of large and small antechamber:

Main antechamber

Put the items outside the glove box in

1. Close the door of the glove box

2. Open the door outside the antechamber

3. Put items in

4. Close the door outside the warehouse

5. Vacuumize to - 1.0 (press the green button at the lower right corner of the large bin, and press it to not release.)

6. Put the nitrogen into 0 (press the orange button at the lower right corner of the main antechamber, and press it not to release.)

7. Open the door of the glove box and take out the goods

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Nichwell Vacuum Coating Series

Product description

Glove box evaporation and plating machine

Working principle

The system is composed of vacuum coating system and glove box system, which can complete the film evaporation in the high vacuum evaporation chamber, and store, prepare and test the samples in the high-purity inert gas atmosphere of glove box.

Equipment use

It is mainly used in the experimental research and application of solar cell perovskite, OLED and pled, semiconductor preparation, etc.


The combination of evaporation coating and vacuum glove box can realize the closed production of evaporation coating, packaging, testing and other processes, so that the whole film growth and device preparation process are highly integrated in a complete system of controllable environment atmosphere, eliminating the influence of unstable factors in the atmospheric environment during the preparation of organic large-area circuit, and ensuring the preparation of high-performance and large-area organic photoelectric devices and circuits

Multifunctional magnetron sputtering coating system

Main uses

It is used to prepare various metal films, semiconductor films, dielectric films, magnetic control films, optical films, superconducting films, sensing films and functional films with special requirements.

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Nichwell Super Capacity / Lithium Oven Integrated Machine

1. Oven and glove box
2. The oven is filled with one or more shifts of production materials at a time, and baked and dehydrated;
3.Automatic material transmission in the oven
4. After the oven material baking process is completed, it is once transferred to the glove box cooling area for cooling;
5. After the cooling is completed, the material is taken by the automatic taking manipulator and transferred to the liquid injection, soaking, standing, sealing and other processes. These processes are automatic production processes;
6. After the above operations are completed, exit the warehouse through the large warehouse;
7. After all the materials are transferred to the glove box, close the door to the glove box, open the outer end door, and then reload the material and carry out the next material oven and original process. This production line does not require multiple oven docking, and can bake one shift or multiple shifts at a time, saving production time, reducing production links, and avoiding secondary pollution by other operation methods. The product quality is ensured, and the use of the manipulator saves a lot of labor and realizes automated production.

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Nichwell Organic Solvent Purification System

Nichwell offers customers a fast, safe and easy-to-operate organic solvent purification system. This product provides laboratories with a system that meets the highest levels of security and can be customized as required.

Nichwell Organic Solvent PurificationSystem uses the working gas to pressurize the liquid level of the storage tank for solvent tank filling (99.99% nitrogen or higher purity gas is recommended). The solvent will enter the dual-column purification column that can remove water and oxygen through the pipeline system. The ultrapure solvent will flow into the solvent receiving bottle or reactor or glove box after the vacuum treatment.

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Nichwell Contact Baking Automation Production Line

Process flow:

1. The "feeding conveyor" will stop when the three-cell battery pack (hereinafter referred to as the "battery pack") is moved to the designated position in front of the vacuum oven, and the battery pack will be sequentially moved to the vacuum oven by the "unloading robot 1". Inside (the oven has 30 layers, 6 per layer, and a total of 180 batteries can be placed);

2. Each vacuum baking system has 12 vacuum ovens and 2 cooling boxes. "Unloading robot 1" feeds the oven from right to left in about 15 minutes. After the robot finishes loading the first oven, it loads the second oven, and so on, between each oven. 15 minutes interval; set heating time (6 hours), baking temperature is 85 ° C;

3. After the baking is completed, the "Unloading Robot 1" puts the battery pack on the "Transition Conveyor Belt", the "Transition Conveyor Belt" stops the battery after it is transferred to the cooling box, and the "Unloading Robot 2" will "Transition The batteries on the "conveyor belt" are placed into the cooling box in turn. After the completion, the door is closed and cooled for five minutes. The battery is cooled to 45 ° C;

4. After the cooling is completed, the door of the cooling box is opened, and the "unloading robot 2" takes out the battery packs in turn, places them on the "unloading conveyor", and transfers them to the sorting process.

Features of Nichwell Vacuum Oven

1. Baking mode: The battery is directly placed on the heating plate, and the vacuum is used to dry quickly;

2. The sealing material on the automatic door is made of fluorine rubber, and the sealing surface on the oven is water-cooled;

3. With online water analysis and prediction function;

4. The oven is covered with insulation cotton to reduce the loss;

View more nichwell glove boxes at www.nichwell.com. 

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Nichwell Automation Products

Nichwell has a strong R & D team, and its core members are professor-level senior engineers from the mechanical automation industry, which can provide customers with automated equipment and fully automated production lines. It has provided automated production lines for many enterprises and R & D units, which has greatly improved the production efficiency of enterprises.
1. An automated lithium battery production line developed by Nichwell.
The Nichwell lithium battery production line can realize fully automated production of lithium batteries, greatly improving production efficiency and saving manpower costs.
2. HID xenon lamp production line
The HID xenon lamp production line consists of a bulb forming machine, a first pressure sealing machine, a second pressure sealing machine, a high temperature vacuum dehydroxylation furnace, a ceramic sealing furnace, a pumping table and a plasma sealing machine, a mercury injection and shot injection machine, an electrode Positioning, outer tube sealing machine and other equipment. The entire automated production line is a patented technology independently developed by Nichwell.

3. Nichwell plasma automatic sealing 
glove box
4. Automated production line for solid-state lithium-ion batteries

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Method for Drying Lithium Ion Battery Cells

In the production process of lithium-ion batteries, it is necessary to dry the battery cells after they are put into the shell or before they are put into the shell to ensure that the moisture content of the batteries is controlled within a certain range before the next liquid injection process can be performed. The high moisture content of lithium-ion battery cells will cause the moisture in the lithium battery to react with the electrolyte during the charge and discharge process, which will affect the life and performance of the lithium-ion battery. How to effectively reduce the moisture content of battery cells, improve production efficiency, and save costs is an important process issue in the industrialized production process of modern lithium-ion batteries.

An automated production line for lithium-ion batteries is provided. The integrated production line consists of an oven, a cooling glove box, a liquid injection glove box, a buffer glove box, a squeeze (static) vacuum box, a sealed glove box, and a discharge vacuum box. The oven and glove box are seamlessly connected to achieve continuous production. The oven and the glove box are seamlessly connected. After baking, the battery core is always kept in a water-free and oxygen-free glove box environment. The entire production line includes a cooling glove box, which has a fast cooling speed and a low cost operating environment without water and oxygen. It guarantees that the battery cell is from baking to filling, and the sealing process is operated in a controlled anhydrous and oxygen-free environment, which provides the most solid protection for the quality of the battery. Functions such as automatic transmission can realize the automatic production of batteries, greatly improve production efficiency, and save human capital. The configuration of the MES manufacturing execution system and the configuration of the MES manufacturing execution system have achieved low information production costs, and customers do not need to build a drying room and purchase a rotary dehumidification system, Saving investment costs and operating costs.

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Method and Process for Baking Lithium Ion Battery Cells

Lithium-ionbatteries are widely used by researchers and researchers in various countries because of their advantages such as high energy density, high specific power, good cycle performance, no memory effect, and no pollution, and good economic, social, and strategic significance. Power lithium-ion battery is the main or even sole source of power for electric vehicles, and its performance will restrict the development of the entire electric vehicle industry. In recent years, it has been widely used in electric vehicles.

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