ATTO3-SR Stainless Steel High Vacuum Organic Evaporation Coating

ATTO3-SR is a proven, robust and versatile design standard solution. The system can be operated manually and automatically, with a wide range of deposition instrument options, including: RF and DC sputtering sources, low temperature organic evaporators and metal evaporators. There are also many system options available, such as quartz crystal monitoring, high vacuum load lock and heating, cooling, rotating or static sample stage.

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ATTO3-SR Stainless Steel High Vacuum Organic Evaporation Coating

Box 304L stainless steel or glass chamber: Φ300mm × 415mm high (internal dimensions)

The room comes standard with up to five spare ports based on system configuration

Vacuum test runs to 10 -8 Torr

Thermal evaporation (up to 2 independent metal evaporation boats)

Magnetron sputtering source (up to 2,  2 ", 3" sources)

Organic deposition sources (up to two)

The above configurations can be installed in combination.

Custom configurations available on request

Glass bell jar vacuum chamber, the most intuitive observation of evaporation state and film deposition phenomenon;

Compound molecular pump and direct-connected rotary vane pump, large pumping speed, quasi-oil-free vacuum system (molecular pump pumping speed ≥400L / S);

Two sets of water-cooled evaporation electrodes, which can work stably for a long time, compatible with the design of evaporation sources of metal materials and organic materials;

Professional vacuum evaporation power supply, digital display working current and voltage, constant current output;

Can be coated with 110mm square substrate or 25 ~ 25mm ITO / FTO glass, and can be customized with integrated high-precision etching mask;

The substrate can choose heating or water cooling, the source base distance is ≥300mm;

Can choose substrate rotation;

Good film uniformity and repeatability, online monitoring and control of evaporation rate and film thickness;

Can deposit metals (Au, Ag, Al, Ca, Cu, Mg, Fe, Cr, Ni, etc.), non-metals, compounds (MoO3, LiF, etc.) and organic materials, can expand the deposition of single-layer films, multilayer films and mixed Film

The equipment has high integration, compact structure and small footprint (0.92 square meters); the equipment is equipped with casters for easy movement and positioning.

Technical Parameter: 

Vacuum coating room


Glass bell cover +304 stainless steel vacuum chamber base

Size: Φ300 × H415mm;



Vacuum system


"Molecular pump + mechanical pump" high vacuum system:

Molecular pump

Pumping speed: 1200L / S, a true quasi-oil-free vacuum system, which uses down pumping to avoid the pumping weakness of the molecular pump and improve the pumping speed. The molecular pump is guaranteed for 5 years and provides direct replacement service for damage.

  * Optional imported molecular pump

Vacuum pump

Specifications: Rotary vane vacuum pump, with oil mist filter, with gas ballast control

Flow: 36 m³ / h (21 cfm), double substrate, vacuum degree

* Optional dry vacuum pump

Operating voltage

AC 230 V / 50-60 Hz, 10 A or AC 115 V / 50-60 Hz, 20 A (optional)

Pumping speed

Draw from the atmosphere to 9 × 10-4Pa≤30min (expose the atmosphere for a short time, start to evacuate after rushing into dry nitrogen)


Fore valve / bypass valve: GDQ-40 high vacuum pneumatic baffle valve;

Vacuum measurement

"Two lows and one high" (two resistance gauges measure low vacuum, one ionization gauge measures high vacuum) Digital composite vacuum gauge, measuring range from 1×105Pa to 1×10-5Pa; it can be displayed and controlled by PC, which can be realized Interlocking operation.

* Optional imported wide-range vacuum transmitter

Vacuum measurement

Partially adopts metal seal and partly adopt fluorine rubber ring seal;

Substrate stage 

DescriptionThe sample table is made of 304 stainless steel, the substrate is placed directly above the evaporation source (full automatic lifting function), and the tooling is designed according to the size of the substrate to facilitate the user to fix the sample. Customizable high-precision etching mask plate;


The stepping motor is used to control the rotation, the magnetic fluid is sealed, the motor and the magnetic fluid are coaxial, and there will be no loss of rotation or crawling. The stepper motor is accurately controlled and the speed range is continuously adjustable from 0-30rpm;


Adopt stepper motor to control rotation, magnetic fluid seal, precise control, height range 0-100mm continuously adjustable;


Drawer-type structure, carrying the largest sample less than 120 × 120mm, equipped with Japanese SMC pneumatic substrate baffle, electric linkage automatic control.

Coating source   

Organic evaporation source


Water-cooled copper electrode + evaporation boat structure, anti-pollution partitions are installed between evaporation sources, and each source is equipped with positioning baffle, intelligent PC control;

Evaporation temperature

Room temperature 0 ~ 1300 ℃


RS-485 interface, the power of the power is continuously adjustable between 0-max power.


2 sets

Control system


It adopts windows operating platform and cotrl2000 control system, and adopts IPC + network technology to realize parameter setting of the main components of the whole machine, implement real-time monitoring and intelligent fault diagnosis, and fully automatic monitoring of film thickness. There are two modes of automatic and manual control. Except for taking and putting samples, all other operations are controlled by software on the PC; it provides friendly human-machine operating interfaces such as vacuum system, process settings, and gas filling and deflation systems; on the industrial computer, parameters can be set through the recipe to achieve the process and process of the program. Setting, storage and printing of equipment parameters.


Can effectively solve the coating accuracy, stability and reliability.

Complete program interlocking, complete design and protection against misoperation; system alarms for abnormal conditions such as water shortage, over-current and over-voltage, and corresponding protection measures are implemented.

It adopts rich I / O interface design to fully meet the functional requirements of expansion and external devices.

The display controls the door opening / closing of the coating machine.

Coating process, process, film thickness, convenient and save printing.

Film thickness monitoring and control system


A quartz crystal film thickness controller is used, and a water-cooled film thickness probe is installed near the substrate table, and an industrial computer is connected. The film thickness meter is used to monitor the coating rate and final thickness in real time, and the accuracy can reach ± 1A (0.1nm). The real-time information is fed back to the industrial computer. If the coating thickness reaches the set thickness, the power can be automatically controlled, and the coating can be stopped to achieve the purpose of automatic film thickness control. 


Monitoring thickness range: 1Å ~ 99µ9999Å, resolution 1Å; Monitoring rate range: 0.1Å ~ 9999.9Å.S / s, resolution 0.1Å


The coating process, process and film thickness settings are all on the PC, which can realize automatic control of the entire process. The coating process can be set on the PC and data can be recorded.

Cooling system


The cooling water circuit is 8 inlets and 8 outlets, and the total water inlet is controlled by a hydraulic relay.

The total inlet and outlet water is connected to a 1P refrigeration cycle water machine, and the temperature control range is 10-25 ℃. Provide stable refrigerated circulating water to targets, metal sources, molecular pumps, and magnetic fluids to ensure stable operation of the equipment.

Cooling system

The cooling water circuit is 8 inlets and 8 outlets, and the total water inlet is controlled by a hydraulic relay.

The total inlet and outlet water is connected to a 1P refrigeration cycle water machine, and the temperature control range is 10-25 ℃. Provide stable refrigerated circulating water to metal sources, molecular pumps, and magnetic fluids to ensure stable equipment operation.

Other instructions

 Product Certification

ISO9001 certification、CE certification、UL certification

Application considerations

Please refer to the danger, warning, caution, etc.