Laser Welding Gas Protection Device

Laser welding is a kind of welding method which uses high-energy laser beam as heat source, radiates and heats to the surface of material, melts and connects the material through heat conduction. Because laser welding has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, small heat affected zone and small deformation, it has a good development prospect. With the continuous development of laser technology and numerical control technology, laser welding has become an advanced processing method in the field of industrial plate welding.

In the process of laser welding, high-performance materials such as titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and stainless steel are used in aerospace and medical applications. In order to avoid high-temperature weld contacting air and being oxidized, the mechanical properties of the weld become worse. In addition, dangerous gas and particulate matter produced in the welding process will cause great harm to human body. Generally, inert gas protection is required for the high temperature area of the weld.

Nichwell laser welding glove box has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use and high reliability. It can effectively avoid the air oxidation of the unfrozen weld, so that the welding process can be completely carried out in a controllable pure inert gas sealed chamber.

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Laser Welding Gas Protection Device
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