Thermal evaporation is a popular physical vapor deposition technique because of its simplicity. During this process, a material in a high-vacuum environment is heated to its evaporation point by joule heating of the resistive boat in which it is located. The vaporized molecules then travel from the source to the substrate where they nucleate together, forming a thin film coating. A wide variety of materials can be deposited using this technique such as aluminum, silver, nickel, chrome, magnesium, among many others.

μ-401A-R Lab Evaporation Deposition Platform
型号EVAP400S主真空室方形前开门结构,尺寸L×W×H:400×400×450mm进样室(选配)开门结构,尺寸约为ø200 X 300mm真空系统配置主真空室复合分子泵、机械泵、气动闸板阀进样室机..
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