Mop300-O Manual High Vacuum Organic Evaporation Coating Machine

Technical Parameters:

1 background vacuum: 10-7 Torr;

2 single substrate design, size can be customized;

3 The substrate can be rotated and heated: 300 ℃ / 500 ℃ / 800 ℃;

4 Sputtering: 1-3 magnetron sputtering target guns, co-sputtering;

5 Electron beam evaporation: 4-6 crucible

6 thermal evaporation: 1-3 evaporation sources;

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Mop300-O Manual High Vacuum Organic Evaporation Coating Machine

Vacuum system

Using "molecular pump + mechanical pump" high vacuum system:

Molecular pumpPumping speed: 1200L / S, a true quasi-oil-free vacuum system, using down-pumping to avoid the pumping weakness of the molecular pump and improve the pumping speed; the molecular pump is guaranteed for 5 years and provides direct replacement service for damage.
  * Optional imported molecular pump
Vacuum pump

Specifications: Rotary vane vacuum pump, equipped with oil mist filter, with gas ballast control
Flow rate: 36 m³ / h (21 cfm), double substrate, vacuum
* Optional dry vacuum pump

Operating VoltageAC 230 V / 50-60 Hz, 10 A or AC 115 V / 50-60 Hz, 20 A (optional)
Pumping speed

 Pumping from the atmosphere to 9×10-4Pa≤30min (exposure to the atmosphere for a short time, flushing with dry nitrogen and starting pumping)


Main valve: CC-200, high-vacuum electric linkage plug-in valve;
Front stage valve / bypass valve: GDQ-40 high vacuum pneumatic baffle valve;

Vacuum measurement

"Two lows and one high" (two resistance gauges measure low vacuum, one ionization gauge measures high vacuum) Digital display compound vacuum gauge, measuring range from 1 × 105Pa to 1 × 10-5Pa; displayed and controlled by PC, can be realized Operation interlocking linkage.
* Optional imported wide range vacuum transmitter

Vacuum measurement

Part adopts metal seal, part adopts fluorine rubber ring seal;

Coating source

Organic evaporation source


Adopt organic sublimation beam source furnace, each steaming material can be equipped with 5CC, the upper part has a heat shield to prevent the heat of the evaporation boat from radiating upward, and there is a temperature interference device between the evaporation sources (easy to take and place, convenient for cleaning and maintenance).

Evaporation temperaturePID intelligent temperature control, can be heated to 600 ℃, temperature control accuracy ± 1 ℃;
Power supplyPID intelligent temperature control evaporation power supply, with evaporation source temperature measurement and power adjustment system, can perform real-time temperature measurement and temperature control, temperature control accuracy ± 1 ℃.


2 sets

Organic evaporation power

Output Power


ControlRS-485 interface, power supply is continuously adjustable from 0 to maximum power.


2 sets

Film thickness monitoring and control system

DescriptionA quartz crystal film thickness controller is used, a water-cooled film thickness probe is installed near the substrate table, and the industrial computer is connected. The film thickness meter is used to monitor the coating rate and final thickness in real time, and the accuracy can reach ± 1A (0.1nm). Real-time information is fed back to the industrial control machine. If the coating thickness reaches the set thickness, it can automatically control the power supply and stop the coating to achieve the purpose of automatic control of the film thickness.
RangeMonitoring thickness range: 1Å ~ 99µ9999Å, resolution 1Å; monitoring rate range: 0.1Å ~ 9999.9Å.S / s, resolution 0.1Å


The coating process, process, and film thickness are all set on the PC, which can realize automatic control of the whole process. The coating process can be set on the PC and the data can be recorded.

Cooling system


The cooling water path is 8 in and 8 out, and the total water intake is controlled by a water pressure relay.
The total inlet water and outlet water are connected with 1P refrigeration circulating water machine, and the temperature control range is 10-25 ℃. Provide stable cooling and circulating water to the target, metal source, molecular pump and magnetic fluid to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

Other instructions
Product certification

ISO9001 certification、CE certification

Application considerationsFor details, please refer to the instruction manual for danger, warning, caution, etc.