OLED/PLED/Solar Cell  Glove box

Suitable for metal, semi-conductor, oxidizing, and organic film, OLED, PLED, Solar, and other applications,Evaporator would be integrated into either the floor or side wall of the glove box.

ATTO10 – Affordable Glovebox Compatible, Sputtering or Thermal Evaporation Thin Film Deposition System
Atto10 glove box is a kind of proven glove box evaporation all-in-one machine. I..
ATTO10-R High Vacuum Resistance Thermal Evaporation Coating Machine
FeaturesMulti-station glove box purification protection systemWater oxygen contentGermany ..
GSL-1800X-ZF4 Evaporation Coating Instrument
GSL-1800X-ZF4 evaporation coating instrument is a high-vacuum evaporation coating instrument, which ..
Laser Welding Glove Box with Dust Removal System Equipped with Heating Vacuum Oven
FeaturesH2O content <0.1ppmO2 content <0.1ppmLeakage rate <0.001vol% / hModular design of s..
MLS-800 Metal 3D Printing Additive Manufacturing Inert Gas Protection System Product Description
MLS-800 Metal 3D Printing Additive Manufacturing Inert Gas Protection System is a set of high-perfor..
MSK-SFM-9 Double Planetary Vacuum Mixer
MSK-SFM-9 double planetary four-blade vacuum mixer is a high-efficiency mixing equipment integrating..
OLED PLED glove box
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OLED PLED glove box..
OLED Vacuum Coating, OLED Complete R & D Equipment
This Inert Controlled Vacuum Coating Glove Boxes are complete standalone systems integrated with ent..
Oval Port Glove Box Double Station Glove Box with Square Antechamber
 Oval Port Glove Box Double Station Super Purification Glove Box with Square Cabin Transition C..
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