Magnetron sputtering is a type of physical vapor deposition used to prepare films of various materials such as metals, semiconductors, insulators, and the like. Due to the influence of the magnetic field on the plasma during operation, the target material will be etched to form a circle, which only takes up about one tenth of the surface area, and the utilization rate is extremely low. In the actual coating process, the deposition rate and sputtering, radiation power, sputtering time, distance from the target to the substrate, and working pressure affect the quality and thickness of the coating. In magnetron sputtering coating, as the number of uses increases, the target is consumed, and the target base distance becomes larger. When other parameters are not changed, the coated film will gradually not meet the requirements. The uniformity of the magnetic field affects the uniformity of the film. If the magnetic field is asymmetric, it will cause the position of the coating to shift.

Provide a multi-functional magnetron sputtering coating system. The combination of evaporation coating and glove box can realize the fully enclosed production of evaporation, packaging, testing and other processes, so that the entire film growth and device preparation process is highly integrated in a complete controllable environment. In this system, the influence of unstable factors in the atmospheric environment during the preparation of organic large-area circuits is eliminated, and the preparation of high-performance, large-area organic optoelectronic devices and circuits is guaranteed. The uniformity of the magnetic field is ensured, thereby ensuring the uniformity and stability of the coating.

The multifunctional magnetron sputtering coating system is used to prepare various metal films, semiconductor films, dielectric films, magnetron films, optical films, superconducting films, sensing films, and functional films with special needs.


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