High performance materials used in aerospace and medical applications, such as titanium or magnesium, tend to oxidize and become brittle in the welding process, making it difficult to weld. In addition, the dangerous gas and particulate matter produced in the welding process will cause great harm to human body.

Aiming at the problems existing in laser welding, Nichwell can provide a set of reliable solutions, so that the welding process can be completely carried out in a controllable pure inert gas sealed cabin.

Weldingglove box aims to solve the influence of humidity and impurities in the air during laser welding. The glove box has two 90 degree cubicles, the left side is the heating cabin, the right side is the transition cabin, the maximum temperature of the heating cabin is 200 , the heating plate can be cooled quickly at the same time, the outside side of the cabin is the manual door, the inside door is the automatic door, the inside and outside doors are interlocked, and the glove box is cleaned by the flowmeter control, The purification system can also be connected.

Function Description:

1. Low leakage

2. Low water and oxygen content in the tank

3. Stable overall performance of the equipment

4. Water oxygen detection is real and reliable

  • Jun 24, 2020
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