The introduction of Glove Box:

Glove box is also called Vacuum Glove Box(, Super Purification Glove Box, Drying Box and so on. 

It is a laboratory and production equipment(lab glove box( that first replaces the air inside the box by filling it with high-purity inert gas (Ar/N2/He), and then absorbs and filters out the residual active substances through the purification system. It mainly remove O2, H2O, CO2 and organic gas to reach the level of O2<1ppm and H2O<1ppm in the box. It is widely used in ultra-pure environment without water, oxygen and dust, such as: lithium ion battery and materials, semiconductor, super capacitor, special lamp, laser welding, brazing and so on.

Technical indicators

1. Dew point ≤1ppm(-76℃); Oxygen ≤ 1ppm.

2. The transition cabin can withstand: vacuum degree ≤0.2 mbar, pressure 10mbar (1000mbar, 14.5PSI, 750mmHg).

3. Air tightness: leakage rate ≤0.001Vol%/h.

The Main compositions of Glove Box(

The Box body:

Chamber, shelves, visual LCD touch panel, glove port, glove, power socket, Mini Antechamber, Main Antechamber, lighting system, HEPA filter, rack.

Gas purification system:

Circulation system, purification system, pressure sensor, PLC control system, vacuum pump, foot controller and organic solvent absorber.

Detection parts:

Dew point sensor, oxygen sensor, other optional configurations, heating system and cooling system.

Installation environment:

1. Power supply : 220V/50Hz & 110V/60Hz;

2. Water supply : it is recommended to use cooling water circulator (now Nichwell Glovebox no longer requires water cooling);

3. Gas supply : inert gas (N2/Ar/He) needs to be provided with a purity ≥99.999% and a pressure of 4-6bar;

The regenerated gas is a mixture gas (the working gas (N2/Ar/He) accounts for 90% and H2 accounts for 10%) with a purity ≥99.999% and a pressure of about 0.6-0.8bar.

Glove box principle

The working gas in the glove box body is between the chamber and the purification column (water and oxygen purification system). Under the monitoring and control of PLC, the closed circulation is carried out through pipes and circulating fans. When the working gas circulates through the purification column, the water and oxygen contained in it are absorbed and the other gas returned to the chamber. With the process of the cycle time, the water and oxygen content in the working gas in the chamber gradually decreases and eventually reaches the target of less than 1ppm. The purification column will absorb saturate after a certain period of cycle, and can be recycled and reused.

Glove box function

1. Closed circulation: the glove box and the gas purification system constitute a closed circulation system. The gas purification system provides the gas circulation power to keep the chamber in a dynamic purification process.

2. Man-machine dialogue: color touch panel and Chinese interface are configured to realize man-machine dialogue and convenient operation.

3. Automatic control

Manual/automatic control of chamber pressure;

Manual/automatic control of the purification status of the gas purification system;

Automatic control of restore process of gas purification system;

Manual/automatic purification system restoration, purification and conversion purification column (with dual purification column);

Automatic chamber atmosphere alarm;

The setting of atmospheric and pressure parameter and manual/automatic conversion inside the chamber;

Parameter setting of automatic control function of gas purification system

Search system history records;

Gas purification system operating mechanism detection;

Operation error and warning prompting of program control system;

4. Reduction and regeneration

The purification system adopts renewable/reducible purification materials, and the reduction program is automatically controlled by the system;

The power supply and hydrogen (5-10%) plus inert gas are required for reduction and regeneration.

5. Prevent misoperation

The system detects automatically the working process of conditions and equipment running state through the PLC program control system, to avoid the wrong operation or insufficient conditions of instructions, ensure the safer operation of equipment, and operators can also use the equipment more conveniently. Glove box manufacturers( will provide instructions for installation, operation and maintenance, and will generally go to the site of the buyer to install and debug glove boxes.

How to choose the type of cheap glove box(

Firstly we should confirm the number of persons to operate the box, that is, several stations.

The glove box should be operated by at least one person and at most no restrictions.

Experimental selection:

The following is an example of the general size of a glove box operated by one person:

ModelLength × Width × HeightLength × Width × Height
Acrylic Glovebox650mm×600mm×650mm25.6”×23.6”×25.6”
MIN Glovebox800mm×650mm×720mm31.5”×25.6”×28.3”
Vacuum Glovebox800mm×600mm×650mm31.5”×23.6”×25.3”
2 Glove Glovebox1200mm×750mm×900mm47.2”×29.5”×35.4”
3 Glove Glovebox1500mm×750mm×900mm90.5”×29.5”×35.4”

If necessary, please inform the manufacturer of the material name that may be contacted in the chamber, so as to determine the material required for the glove box.

Finally, according to your own experiments, production requirements to determine the necessary configuration list, so as to avoid the purchase of unnecessary parts. For example, if there is a high demand of water content, and the oxygen content is not required, the oxygen sensing instrument can be avoided.

Preparation before the operation:

1. Check whether there is working gas (N2/Ar/He) in the nitrogen bottle, and replace it timely. The output pressure of working gas (N2/Ar/He) is set at 4-6bar.

2. Check whether the vacuum pump is normally opened.

3. Check whether the circulation inside the glove box is opened. (either purification column-I or purification column-II)

4. The upper limit pressure in the check setting should be +3mBar (2.25mmhg, 0.04psi), and the lower limit should be -1mbar

5. Check whether the oxygen and dew point are normal (oxygen is less than 0.1 PPM, and the dew point is above -40).

6. Vacuum pump in transition chamber shall be in normal open state.

Operation precautions:

1. Vacuum pump should be kept open during system operation.

2. When the oxygen concentration in the box exceeds 200ppm, the equipment maintenance personnel shall be notified to conduct system operation, otherwise the water and oxygen purification system will be damaged.

3. Check whether the chamber is in condition or regenerated before starting the cycle. Operations such as those mentioned above are in progress. Looping is absolutely forbidden.

4. Two purification columns cannot regenerate at the same time.

A. Before the regeneration, firstly ensure that the glove box has been cleaned by inert gas (H2O<200ppm) to ensure adequate supply of recycled gas. The pressure of regenerated gas is about 0.6-0.8bar.

B. Before starting the regeneration, please confirm that the relevant purification column cycle is closed.

C. The regeneration process needs 24 hours. Once execution, it cannot be disconnected. The permit of regeneration gas should be after 3-6 hours of regeneration, please pay attention to the amount of regeneration gas and adjust the pressure of regeneration gas to ensure the sufficient supply of regeneration gas during the 3 hours. The generation source can be closed after six hours.

D. The vacuum pump should not be closed during the regeneration process. Do not touch the top of the purification column to prevent burns.

E. Once the regeneration is terminated unexpectedly, please ensure that the regeneration and circulation of the purification column cannot be restarted within 12 hours, otherwise the equipment will be damaged.

5. Please pay attention to protect the gloves from being damaged during operation.


Maintenance projectmaintenance methodperiod
Whole machine cleaningevery day
Pump oilobserve the oiliness and oil levelevery week 
Pressure maintaining test6 months
Purification materialregeneration reduction6-10 months 
FanExamination onceone year
GlovePressure maintaining test 6 months
Flange interfacecheck for loose parts and tightenevery month

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