The oxygen content of the glove box is greater than 200ppm. Reason: new glove box debugging or misoperation. Method: stop the cycle, start the cleaning, clean to below 100ppm, start the cycle. 

     The glove box screen shows that the main valve pressure is less than 0.4MPa or the main valve signal failure cause: insufficient air source pressure. Method: Change the gas cylinder and increase the pressure to 0.4-0.5MPar;

     "Pump Switch Off" appears on the glove box screen. Reason: The resistance of the vacuum pump is too large, causing a trip. Method: After repairing the vacuum pump, open the electric cabinet and close the trip switch;

     The reason why the glove box cycle can't be opened: The voltage instability causes the inverter to protect, and the cycle cannot be opened. Method: Restart the glove box after the voltage is stable.

     The amount of gas used during the regeneration of the glove box is much smaller than the previous reason: this is mostly caused by the high content of organic solvent in the box, the organic solvent enters the circulation system during circulation, and the organic solvent blocks the one-way valve on the regeneration gas pipeline during regeneration. Method: Change the one-way valve to a straight-through valve, and set the regeneration pressure to 0.03~0.04Mpa; Observe whether the regeneration gas flowmeter shows about 20ml/min, otherwise adjust the pressure of the pressure reducing valve;

     The glove box cycle and the analyzer are turned off at the same time. Reasons: The pressure in the box is too high for an instant, exceeding +12mbar, the system will automatically protect; The voltage is unstable, causing system protection. Solution: Check whether the pressure setting is correct, whether the pressure sensor is abnormal, whether the box vacuum valve or the air supply valve is damaged, and the pressure returns to normal, then turn on the analyzer and cycle.

     The reason why the main antechamber and mini antechamber of glove box cannot be filled with air: The air holes in the glove box leading to the main antechamber and mini antechamber may be blocked by plastic film; Whether the solenoid valve is not opened. Method: According to the direction of the pipeline, determine the position of the air hole and dredge the pipeline; Check the wiring and solenoid valve;

     Reasons for the inability to pump air in the glove box: The air extraction holes in the antechambers are blocked by plastic film, etc. or the cabin door is leaking; It is also possible that the chamber doors are not closed tightly, and The seal rings of the main antechamber and mini antechamber are loose. Method: Determine the position of the air hole according to the direction of the pipeline, and unblock the pipeline; Close the antechamber door and check the size of the sealing ring; Check whether the working air pressure is too low (because the main antechamber exhaust valve is a pneumatic valve);

     The tank pressure continues to increase when the glove box is cleaned. Reasons: the cleaning valve is not opened, the intake pressure is too high, and the pipeline is not smooth. Method: Ensure that the pipeline is unobstructed, preferably not to be bent; When cleaning, the relative pressure in the chamber is continuously lower than 0.5 mbar.

     Reasons for the failure of the main valve of the glove box purification column: The working gas pressure is less than 0.5Mpa; The main valve signal feedback fault solution: Replace the working gas cylinder, or check the pressure of the auxiliary pressure reducing valve at 0.5Mpa; Check the main valve signal switch;

     The reason why the glove box cycle cannot be turned on: low or high pressure protection of the fan inverter. Solution: After the voltage is stable, shut down and restart after 1 minute.

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