The high temperature resistance furnace is a national standard energy-saving cycle electric furnace, mainly used for heat treatment of alloy steel products, various metal parts, normalizing, quenching, annealing, etc., or high diamond cutting blades. How much can the temperature of the high-temperature resistance furnace be lowered to open the furnace door?

    First of all, considering the life of the heating element and the furnace and avoiding rapid cooling of the furnace, it is recommended not to open the furnace door when the temperature is too high.

    In addition, the heating speed of the high-temperature resistance furnace is limited. It is recommended that it be lower than the rated value and not too high, otherwise the temperature of the program will rise rapidly, and the difference between the actual temperature and the actual temperature will increase, and the electric furnace will automatically increase the thermal current, which will cause The current is too high and the programming module is damaged, causing the furnace heating process to fail. If the heating resistance wire is not exposed to the outside, it is no problem to open the furnace below 200 degrees. If the resistance wire is exposed in the heating room, it is recommended to wait until 100 degrees or even room temperature, otherwise the furnace will be damaged, and the heating resistance wire will be damaged due to excessive temperature difference.

    An enterprise that develops and produces high-temperature resistance furnaces. Its products have excellent conditions such as fast heating (20-40 minutes), energy saving, high temperature control accuracy, good heat preservation performance, microcomputer control, programmable automatic heating, cooling, and furnace wall temperature close to room temperature. It is widely used in ceramics, chemical industry and other industries, involving experiments and production in the fields of electronics, metallurgy, new material development, machinery, refractory materials, building materials and special materials.

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