1. Circulating glove box closed circulation

1.1 The gas environment in the box is isolated from the external environment, and the gas inside the box is continuously recycled with a gas purification system (mainly to remove O2, H2O, and organic gases) for gas purification to maintain high cleanliness and Ideal working environment with high purity;

1.2 Treatment medium gas: N2, Ar, He and other inert gases.

2. Automatic control of circulating glove box (using PLC program control system)

Realization function: automatic control of box pressure by hand;

Automatic reduction control of purification system;

Automatic cabinet atmosphere alarm;

Manual/automatic purification system reduction, purification and conversion purification column (when equipped with dual purification columns);

Automatic protection of the vacuum door of the transition compartment;

Setting of atmosphere and pressure parameters in the box and manual/automatic conversion;

Parameter settings for the time and temperature of the automatic restoration and regeneration of the gas purification system;

Working condition detection of the actuator of the gas purification system;

Tips for operating errors and unsatisfied conditions during work.

3. Circulating glove box restoration and regeneration

The purification system uses renewable purification materials, and the regeneration process is automatically controlled by the system;

During reduction and regeneration, power supply and a mixture of hydrogen (5-10%) and inert gas must be provided.

4. Circulating glove box prevents misoperation

The system automatically detects working conditions and equipment operating status through internal programs, and issues prompt instructions for incorrect operation or insufficient conditions, making it more convenient for operators and safer equipment operation.

5. Function of circulating glove box gas purification system

In addition to water, oxygen, and organic solvents

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