The glove box mentioned here is a completely enclosed cavity, which completely isolates the environment inside and outside the cavity. The window is installed on one side of the cavity, and the operator manipulates the materials in the cavity through gloves.

    1. The glove box can protect operators and the environment when working on toxic and hazardous substances.

    2. When the atmosphere is polluted by bacteria and dust, the glove box can be used to isolate the box, and the material outside the body protects the material in the box from pollution.

    3. When the air interacts with the material and affects the performance of the material, the glove box can be filled with inert gas. The box is used to isolate the air outside the box to protect the inside of the box and protect the material from gases in the air, such as water, oxygen, and sometimes even nitrogen. .

    There are three types of inert gas gloveboxes:

    A. Vacuum glove box: Before operation, vacuum the entire box, thoroughly remove the air in the box, and then use high-purity gas.

    B. Clean the glove box: The glove box is continuously ventilated with nitrogen, and the gas impurities that leak into the glove box are continuously removed from the glove box.

    C. Circulating glove box: The glove box is equipped with gas purification gas, and the gas in the glove box continuously circulates through the gas purification system to remove water oxygen and organic solvent impurities.

    Here, the circulating glove box is simply referred to as the glove box.

   The glove box is a system that completely isolates the air in the box from the air. The oxygen content in the air outside the box is greater than 20% or 200,000 PPM (parts per million), while the oxygen content in the tank is less than 1 PPM. The oxygen concentration inside and outside the glove box differed nearly one million times, and a small amount of air leaked into the glove. The box will have a great influence on the oxygen content in the glove box.

   There are many joints and rubber gloves on the glove box. A small amount of air in the glove box is unavoidable. When the glove box is used, the material transferred to the glove box will inevitably contain a small amount of H2O and O2. The working gas used in the glove box It also contains several or even dozens of PPM H2O and O2, and all these impurities are removed at the same time through the gas purification system.

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