The cycle of the Nichwell glove box is a closed cycle. Driven by the fan, the gas in the chamber passes through the purification column in the purification system and then returns to the chamber. After a long period of circulation, the purification column gradually absorbs the trace amounts of H2O and O2 in the chamber.

What should I do if the H2O and O2 content in the Etelux glove box is too high and cannot be reduced?

Problem check

(1) Check whether the cycle is turned on and the fan has not turned up.

(2) There are items containing H2O and O2 in the chamber

(3) If the chamber body is leaking, check the leak rate.

(4) Whether any medicine interferes with the probe detection.

(5) Temperature has a certain influence on H2O content;

(6) Incomplete baking of activated carbon will also have a certain impact on H2O;

(7) The H2O and O2 sensor itself needs calibration or maintenance.

(8) Check the reproduction record, whether it has not been reproduced for a long time. Or the effect of old equipment is not satisfactory after regeneration. Comprehensively determine whether the purification material should be replaced.

The solutions are as follows:

(1) Check the reason for insufficient air pressure or inverter protection. The air pressure needs to be adjusted to 0.5 MPa, and the power supply can be restarted under inverter protection;

(2) Take out the oxygen-containing substance in the box, and put the paper towels, cotton cloth, and thread gloves in the box into the glove box after baking;

(3) Use the foam method to check the air circuit maintenance, first check the easiest position of the glove;

(4) Seal the medicine inside the box and clean the surface of the probe. If it is polluted by volatile medicines, it is necessary to clean the box environment at the same time;

(5) Reduce the temperature in the stable box, such as turning on the air conditioner, adding cooling water, etc.;

(6) Re-bake the activated carbon;

(7) The solution needs to be returned to the factory for calibration and repair;

(8) The solution is not satisfactory after regeneration or old equipment regeneration, comprehensively judge whether the purification material should be replaced.

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