The structure principle of the glove box: It is mainly composed of the main box body and the antechamber. If users have other special requirements, they can also be designed and manufactured according to their needs.

There are two (or more than two) glove operation interfaces on the main box body, which are distributed on the front side (or front and back sides) of the box body, which enables the operation box to be operated by one (or several) people at the same time, which improves the box body the efficiency of use. In addition, there are observation windows on the front (or front and back) of the box, so that the operator can clearly observe the operation process inside the box, making the operation process intuitively displayed in front of the operator. The valve of the antechamber has suction and charging nozzles, which can be connected when suction or charging is required. Valves and nozzles are also installed on the main box body, which can be used by users when deflating or inflating the main box body to maintain air pressure balance (the three-way valve between the glove ports can also be used to deflate if necessary). Illumination fluorescent lamps are installed above the front observation window of the main box.

  • Sep 16, 2020
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