1. Turn on the glove box


1) Turn on the main power switch (red);


2) Open the working gas pressure reducing valve (the main valve opens to a maximum of 15 seconds, and the auxiliary valve opens to 0.4~0.6Mpa);


3) Start the analyzer (the oxygen indicator starts to display when the water indicator drops below 200ppm, and the cycle can be opened only if the water oxygen is less than 100ppm, otherwise the cycle needs to be cleaned below 100ppm);


4) Start the cycle (water oxygen value <200ppm);


5) Start the chiller (please ignore if there is no);


6) Set the tank pressure to +1~+6mbar.



2. Shut down the glove box


1) Turn off the water and oxygen analyzer;


2) Close the loop;


3) Turn off the vacuum pump;


4) Turn off the chiller;


5) Box pressure supplement to 0mbar;


6) Close the main valve of the working gas pressure reducing valve;


7) Turn off the main power switch

  • Oct 28, 2020
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