Etelux can customize a glove box that can be operated by multiple people according to customer requirements.

One: Two-person operation glove box double-sided, that is, two people face-to-face operation on the front and back sides of the box. The left and right sides of the box are the material door and the logistics entrance and exit of the experimental chamber.

Two: Four people operate the glove box. Two people and two other people operate face to face. They are located on the front and back sides of the box. Opposite operations. The left and right sides of the box are the material doors and inlets and outlets of the box.

Three: Six-station glove box. The box body is made of 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 3mm. Three stations and the other three stations are arranged oppositely. The box body can accommodate 6 people for operation.

Four: 8-station glove box: the box can accommodate 8 operators, the number of gloves: 8 pairs of butyl rubber: thickness 0.4mm, diameter 7" or 8", skills to meet the needs of operation, but also convenient for operators observing the operating conditions in the box allows each operator to individually access the materials and experimental tools in and out of the box at any time.

The unique double station ensures that the operator of each station can individually carry out the entire process of all experimental operations.

This large glove box ensures the strict sealing performance of the box body. It can be equipped with an experimental material outlet door with a buffer chamber, which can ensure that the experimental materials, experimental reagents and experimental tools are used in and out of the box for their own use, and the box body the internal experimental environment is not affected by unpacking.

  • Oct 29, 2020
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