1. Regardless of opening the inner door or the outer door of the glove box, you must ensure that the air pressure on both sides of the glove box door is basically balanced, otherwise, either the glove box cannot be opened, or the glove box "air burst" phenomenon. Similarly, when pumping and inflating the glove box, the three-way valve of the glove box must be opened (that is, the air pressure inside and outside the glove is equal), otherwise, the glove box will swell and burst.


2. If the glove box body leaks, first check whether the glove box antechamber door is tightly closed and the glove box glove port is damaged. If the glove box is still leaking, please check the glove box vacuum gauge seat, the glove box valve and the "O" ring and the glove box vacuum rubber on the two doors of the glove box. The "O" ring on the glove box antechamber door and the glove opening door should be replaced regularly (according to the user's frequency of use of the glove box).


3. When the glove box is pumping air to the system, please slowly open the glove box valve and pay attention to the changes of the glove box at all times. If expansion occurs, slow down the pumping speed of the glove box. If the problem still cannot be solved, stop the glove if the gloves burst, check whether the three-way valve of the glove box is open. The above is only for reference of glove box customers. For specific information, please consult the professional technicians of Etelux glove box to conduct a comprehensive inspection on the glove box.

  • Nov 16, 2020
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