When the existing manufacturers produce the pole pieces of the lithium-ion power battery, most of them use laser cutting and die cutting to cut the pole pieces. The produced pole pieces are of poor quality. In order to improve the quality of the pole pieces, they propose to use concave and convex However, most of the prior art punching equipment needs to pick up the product and then transfer it after the punching is completed. The production efficiency is slow. If a large robotic arm is used, it will increase the equipment footprint and equipment investment cost. A simple, efficient and low-cost lithium battery automation equipment can realize automatic production and improve production efficiency.


A lithium battery automation equipment. The lithium battery automatic production line can realize automatic scanning-injection-weighing-replenishment-sealing operations in the super clean glove box, realizing high-efficiency and completely unmanned automatic production, greatly saving labor costs, and greatly Improve production capacity, product quality and yield, and maximize the benefits for customers.


The integrated production line consists of an oven, a cooling glove box, a liquid injection glove box, a buffer glove box, an extrusion (standstill) vacuum shelter, a sealing glove box and a discharge vacuum shelter. The entire production line includes a cooling glove box with fast cooling speed and low cost. It ensures that the battery cells are operated in a controllable anhydrous and oxygen-free environment from baking to filling and sealing, providing the most solid protection for the quality of the battery. Nichwell’s automated production line for lithium batteries can effectively improve production efficiency and realize automated production with good product quality.

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