1. Enter the control interface directly from the WeChat official account


2. The mobile phone can scan the QR code to enter the control system


3. The control interface is compatible with multiple browsers on the mobile and PC terminals, and access is not restricted by browser types


4. The interface adopts the most advanced SVG and H5 standard development, flat style, very fast loading speed


5. Real-time synchronization of remote control interface and on-site interface


6. Real-time monitoring of equipment operating status


7. Equipment historical data query


8. Proactively push alarm messages via WeChat, SMS or email


9. Remote debugging and fault diagnosis of equipment


10. Proactive notification of network interruption


11. One-click contact customer service


12. View the glove box operation manual online


13. Real-time update of interface data (once per second)

  • Jan 12, 2021
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