1. The vacuum pump should be kept on during system operation.


2. When the oxygen concentration in the glove box exceeds 200PPM, the equipment maintenance personnel should be notified to perform system operation, otherwise the H2O and oxygen purification system will be damaged.


3. Check before starting the cycle to see if the chamber is in condition or regeneration. If the operation mentioned above is in progress, it is absolutely forbidden to loop.


4. Two purification columns cannot be regenerated at the same time.

A. Before regeneration, ensure that the glove box has been cleaned by inert gas (H2O<200ppm) to ensure sufficient regeneration gas supply. The regeneration gas pressure is 0.06-0.08mpa.


B. Before starting the regeneration, please confirm that the corresponding purification column cycle is closed.


C. The regeneration process takes 24 hours. Once executed, the regeneration gas cannot be disconnected. Pay attention to the amount of regeneration gas 3-6 hours after the start of regeneration. Adjust the pressure of the regeneration gas appropriately to ensure that the regeneration gas is adequately supplied during these 3 hours. The regeneration origin can be closed after the 6th hour.


D. The vacuum pump cannot be turned off during the regeneration process, and do not touch the top of the purification column to prevent burns.


E. Once the regeneration is terminated unexpectedly, please ensure that the regeneration and circulation of the purification column cannot be restarted within 12 hours, otherwise the equipment will be damaged.


5. Care should be taken to protect working gloves from damage during operation.

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