Glove boxes include vacuum gloves, organic glass gloves, purifying gloves.

The so-called vacuum glove box in the glove box is actually introduced into the glove box concept to the country, the first batch of imitation vendors in China is named, that is, the glove box requires a vacuum pump to extract the transition cabin, and the box is also available by the vacuum pump. It means that the inert gas purification system can also be a simple case with a gas purification system.

In the glove box, the organic glass glove box is generally a transparent box with a gas purification system, which is filled with 99.999% purity nitrogen or argon. In general, the atmosphere can not reach <10 ppm purity, without atmosphere detection, and purge Consume a lot of nitrogen or argon.

In the glove box, the cleaning glove box is generally a glove box with a gas purification system and a closed casing operating space, which can be achieved, highly high quality manufacturer, and the oxygen indicators can control the <1 ppm high purity.

  • Apr 27, 2021
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