Since its inception in the early 1990s, the lithium ion rechargeable battery has increased rapidly in less than 20 years, and the market has grown rapidly. It is now extension from portable products to the fields of electric vehicles and environmentally friendly storage. The various technical links of the battery remain to be improved, and the battery management system is developing or weak. With the use of batteries in the fields of electric vehicles, people's requirements for battery capacity are getting higher and higher, the greater the battery capacity, the greater the energy, and therefore dangerous. Therefore, the greater the energy density, the more important safety measures. In terms of security this important and indispensable elements must also meet. The corresponding safety measures developed and corresponding to the energy capacity are critical.

  When a lithium ion battery is used as a power battery, for example, when used as a driving battery as an electric bicycle, the 7 --3-segment lithium ion battery is often used in series to reach the voltage required for the motor. Since each monomer of the lithium ion battery is impossible to completely agree, due to the difference between the capacity, self-discharge, etc. due to the use of each unit, the monthly tired, after using a period of time, the charge capacity of the battery pack is obvious Reduce, affecting the promotion and application of lithium ion batteries in a larger range. Therefore, when multiple batteries are used in series, the good performance of its performance is not only good or bad, but more importantly, the overall quality is high.

  To solve the above problems, Nichwell provides a lithium-ion battery automation production line. High-precision, high efficiency, series of high-efficiency, high-efficiency, and high automated production lines will become the large direction of industry development. Automated and intelligent lithium battery production equipment will have better consistency, high and reliable safety performance and straight-up ratio, thereby reducing production costs on the basis of ensuring lithium battery production processes.

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