Anaerobic glove box is divided into four major departments: anaerobic room, transmission cabin, bare-hand cuff operation hole, air circuit and circuit control system.


  1, anaerobic chamber


  Internal cavity mechanical forced convection and internal cavity positive pressure realize constant temperature, humidity control, deoxygenation, and biological detoxification. The four aspects of the state are unchanged and uniform, and rapid recovery, operation and cultivation are carried out in the same room.


  2, antechamber:


  Using a compact cylindrical design, one person can easily transfer samples with one hand.


  3. Naked hand sleeve operating hole:


   There is no need for vacuum/nitrogen replacement process, hands can go straight in and straight out of the cavity anaerobic.


   4. Control system:


   Timely state self-check and alarm function to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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