Glove boxes are divided into three categories according to their purpose:

1. Inert gas glove box;

2. Isolate the glove box;

3. Anaerobic glove box.

1. The inert gas glove box can also be divided into three categories according to the mechanism of establishing inert gas atmosphere:

1. Vacuum glove box: Establish an inert gas atmosphere by vacuuming and filling with inert gas;

2. Circulating purification glove box: The glove box with the function of cyclic deoxygenation, dewatering and organic solvent removal and deep autonomous purification, is currently the most advanced inert gas glove box;

3. Gas scrubbing glove box: The operation box uses inert gas on one side and exhaust gas to drive the harmful gas out of the glove box. This process is commonly known as "gas scrubbing", which rapidly reduces the water and oxygen content in the box;

2. Isolating the glove box is to isolate the harm of harmful substances to the human body and specific objects. According to the isolation method, it can be divided into two categories:

1. Dust isolation glove box: generally isolate dust substances

2. Negative pressure isolation glove box: generally use negative pressure isolation for harmful gases

3. Anaerobic glove box is a glove box used to cultivate anaerobic bacteria and conduct related research. It is mostly used for anaerobic bacteria research in food and medicine.

It should be a glove box with a gas circulation (gas purification system) system. If the premise is correct, then we look down. Under normal circumstances, you want to use this glove box as soon as you need it for the first time. You may also have medicines or materials placed in your box. Maintain a low-oxygen environment to ensure that the materials are safe. Not to be destroyed. If you plan to use SO for many years, or if the material is placed in the glove box for many years, it is recommended that you always turn on the cycle. In the global glove box market, the glove box cycle of some manufacturers is required to be turned on for many years. You must never stop, and you never need to stop, and some of them can set standby parameters. In fact, the principle is the same. If the parameters can be set, then after you set it, let the machine manually turn on or stand by to ensure that the atmosphere is supplemented. The power consumption of the glove box is also not high, an average of 10 to 20 kWh per day (single person, single glove box, most manufacturers data), some will be lower and lower. It consumes two to two bottles of gas. If your atmosphere data is set well, so the environment is at a constant temperature, it will never be the same according to the number of times you open the transition compartment. Some can last for 2 to 3 months.

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