The so-called grade 100 clean glove box is a high-performance, high-quality super purification glove box that automatically absorbs water and oxygen molecules. It provides a closed cycle working system that purifies the working environment and can meet your specific cleaning requirements. The inert atmosphere of O₂ and H₂O. The system is an economical circulating purification system designed to meet customer research and development. It is equipped with a high-efficiency filter laminar flow 100-level glove box. The fan sucks the gas from the FFU section (closed loop) and filters it through the primary and high-efficiency filters. The clean gas is sent back to the box.

Clean (class 100) high-efficiency purification cycle system through the high-efficiency class 100 clean environment filtration purification system, the number of suspended particles in the controlled environment in the box is greater than or equal to the maximum concentration limit of the required particle size (pieces/m3),

≥(Diameter of suspended particles) 5.0μm less than 29/m3

≥(Diameter of suspended particles) 0.5μm less than 3520pcs/m3

Comply with national standards: "Code for Clean Room Construction and Acceptance" GB50591-2010; "Clean Room and Related Controlled Environment" GB/T25915.3-2010

Features: Excellent uniform gas distribution performance. Wind speed can be adjusted to filter efficiency to 99.999%

The 100-level purification glove box is widely used in ultra-pure environments without water, oxygen, and dust, such as: lithium ion batteries and materials, semiconductors, super capacitors, special lamps, laser welding, brazing, material synthesis, OLED, MOCVD, etc. . It also includes biological applications, such as anaerobic bacteria culture, cell hypoxia culture, etc.

High efficiency: ultra-low water oxygen ≤1ppm, up to 0.1ppm, imported purification materials, high adsorption efficiency, regeneration once a year, reuse

Energy saving: ultra-low power of the whole machine, intelligent control of fans and vacuum pumps

Class Hundred: Excellent uniform gas distribution performance, filtration efficiency 99.999%

The 100-level clean glove box can be widely used in ultra-pure environments without water, oxygen and dust, especially in the manufacture of OLED and MOCVD;

In addition, it can also create a completely purified environment in lithium-ion batteries and materials, semiconductors, supercapacitors, special lamps, laser welding, brazing, material synthesis, etc., which also includes biological applications, such as anaerobic bacteria culture , Experimental projects such as cell hypoxia culture.

Good OLED products have a wide range of applications

Such as mobile phone screens, computer screens, large displays

And other display products

So it can be said that for the production environment of display materials

One hundred grade purification glove box is a

Very important production protection equipment

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