In the chemical reaction and the processing of test samples, some substances are very sensitive to oxygen and water and cannot be carried out in ordinary natural environments. Although the chemical reaction of this type of substance can be carried out in a vacuum container, it cannot be operated, which makes the chemical reaction of this type of substance and the handling of samples very difficult. The use of a vacuum glove box allows these substances to operate, react and test freely in a relatively oxygen-free and water-free inert gas environment.

The vacuum glove box is mainly composed of three parts: the main box, the transition chamber and the base. If users have other special requirements, they can also be designed or modified according to their needs. There are two glove operation interfaces on the main box. At the front of the box, the operator can clearly observe the operation process inside the box, making the operation process more intuitively displayed in front of the operator's eyes. There are two vacuum ball valves on the box body of the operation box, which users can use according to their needs. A water connection nozzle is installed inside and outside the ball valve, which can be connected here when water or ventilation is required. A light bulb is installed above the front observation window of the main box. The transition chamber is the transition between the main box body and the outside, and is composed of two sealed doors, two vacuum ball valves and a chamber body. The two doors inside and outside can effectively isolate the main box from the outside world, making it easier for things inside and outside the box to enter and exit. This solves the problem of repeatedly vacuuming the main box.

The plexiglass vacuum glove box is simple in structure, convenient to use, light in weight, and transparent to ultraviolet light. Under normal conditions, its shape is stable and highly transparent, resistant to chemical corrosion, and climate change, and has good airtight performance. It can shield and absorb radioactive materials, and emit alpha rays and low energy beta rays to protect human tissues from ionization. Damaged by radiation. Therefore, it can cooperate with scientific research units to carry out experimental work on low-energy radioactive materials.

Aseptic operation of microbial inoculation, toxic drug formulation, harmful gas test, element biological parts sorting, vacuum still life inspection, qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemicals, safe operation of medical and health, industrial and agricultural production units, and isolation of other related closed types of work Operation can be carried out in the operation box to ensure personal safety and production.

Vacuum glove boxes are widely used in biochemical, metallurgical, electronic, chemical, geological, mineral, pharmaceutical and other sectors. There are electronic materials, magnetic materials, equipment batteries, biological cultivation, food vacuum packaging, battery materials and so on.

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