As a kind of precision equipment, the general principle of the glove box is:

The glove box system is a laboratory equipment that fills high-purity inert gas into a closed box and circulates and filters out the active substances (both water and oxygen can reach below 1PPM) through the purification system.

It is mainly composed of cabinet, frame, transition cabin, gas purification system, PLC automatic control system, etc.

It mainly removes O2, H2O, and organic gases.

It is suitable for ultra-pure environment without water, oxygen and dust. Such as: lithium ion batteries and materials, semiconductors, super capacitors, special lamps, laser welding, brazing, etc.

Working principle of the circulating purification glove box: The box body of the operation box and the gas circulating purification system constitute a set of tight working space. First pass inert gas (such as argon or nitrogen) into the box to drive away harmful components (such as oxygen molecules, water molecules, etc.) in the box. This process is commonly known as scrubbing. Then through the circulating purification system, the gas in the box is deeply processed to remove traces of harmful components (such as water, oxygen, organic solvents and other active substances), so that the water and oxygen content in the operating box is below.

Classification of glove boxes

   Glove boxes are divided into three categories according to their purpose:

  1. Inert gas glove box;

  2, isolation glove box;

   3. Anaerobic glove box.

   1. The inert gas glove box can also be divided into three categories according to the mechanism of establishing inert gas atmosphere:

  1. Vacuum glove box: Establish an inert gas atmosphere by vacuuming and filling with inert gas;

  2. Circulating purification glove box: a glove box with a deep and autonomous purification function of circulating oxygen, water and organic solvents. It is currently the most advanced inert gas glove box;

  3. Gas scrubbing glove box: The operation box uses inert gas while venting the gas to drive the harmful gas out of the glove box. This process is commonly known as "gas scrubbing", thereby continuously reducing the water oxygen content in the box;

   2. The isolation glove box is to isolate the human body and specific objects from harmful substances. According to the isolation method, it can be divided into two categories:

   1. Dust isolation glove box: generally isolate dust substances

  2. Negative pressure isolation glove box: generally use negative pressure isolation for harmful gases

   3. Anaerobic glove box is a glove box used to cultivate anaerobic bacteria and conduct related research. It is mostly used for anaerobic bacteria research in food and medicine.

Disadvantages of using a glovebox

Glove box Risk Assessment

Glove box contamination

Terra Universal Glove box

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