The glove box is a production/lab equipment that fills the box with high-purity inert gas to completely isolate the gas environment in the box from the outside air environment, and cyclically filter out the active substances that affect the production/experiment. Windows and gloves are installed on one side of the box. Operators use gloves to manipulate the materials in the box, so it is called a glove box, also called a vacuum glove box, an inert gas protection box, etc.


For example, it is well known that oxygen is a relatively active element, and the oxygen in the air accounts for about 20.947% of the air volume (equivalent to 209470PPM). In the production of lithium materials and other active materials, oxygen and lithium materials react, which affects product quality. The production environment requires an oxygen content of less than 1PPM, so a tiny amount of air leaking into the glove box will also have a great impact on the oxygen content in the glove box. Therefore, sealing is very important to the glove box and is the core technology of the glove box.


There are many pipe connections on the glove box, and it is inevitable for a small amount of air to leak into the glove box. Therefore, how to remove these harmful substances for production/experiment has become very important. These impurities are removed at the same time through the gas circulation purification system.


It can be seen that the core technology of the glove box is sealing and gas purification.

In the process of scientific experiments, some substances are easily oxidized and deliquescent in the atmosphere, which makes the chemical reaction of the test substance and the pre-treatment of the sample very difficult, which affects the test process and test results. The vacuum glove box (also known as the vacuum inert gas operation box) effectively solves these problems. The device can safely put in and take out the test samples, and operate, react and test freely in an oxygen-free and water-free state to ensure The normal conduct of scientific experiments. This product is an ideal device for scientific experiments in universities, research institutes, and enterprise laboratories, and is widely used in biochemistry, metallurgy, electronics, chemical, geology, minerals, medicine and other departments.

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