The oxygen content of the glove box is greater than 200ppm. Reason: new box debugging or misoperation. Method: stop the cycle, start the cleaning, clean to below 100ppm, start the cycle. ;

The glove box screen shows that the main valve pressure is less than 0.4MPa or the main valve signal is faulty. The reason: the air source pressure is insufficient. Method: change the gas cylinder and increase the pressure to 0.4-0.5MPar;

"Pump Switch Off" appears on the glove box screen. Cause: The resistance of the vacuum pump is too large, causing a trip. Method: After repairing the vacuum pump, open the electric cabinet and close the trip switch;

The reason why the glove box cycle cannot be turned on: The voltage instability causes the inverter to protect and the cycle cannot be turned on. Method: Wait for the voltage to stabilize and restart the glove box to solve the problem.

How to use and operate the glove box:


1. The parameter setting operation of the digital pressure switch must be adjusted and used by the craftsman. The vacuum negative pressure value is set in P1 and P2, the parameter value of P1 in the parameter should be less than the parameter value of P2, and the parameter value difference between P1 and P2 is between 0.6-1.0. The value of filling protective gas is set in P3 and P4. The parameter value of P3 in the parameter should be greater than the parameter value of P4, and the parameter value difference between P3 and P4 is between 0.6-1.0.


2. Check whether the tracheal circuit is intact, undamaged and connected correctly, and whether the quick-plug connector is in good condition;


3. Turn on the 220V operation power supply of the electric control box; turn on the DC24V power supply of the operation button box;


4. The function of the green light on the operation panel is to prompt that after the vacuum is completed within the specified time, the delay will be on for 6 seconds; if it is not completed within the specified time, the red light on the operation panel will remain on. However, during the red light is on, it does not affect the continued vacuuming.


5. If you need to press the reset switch, the solenoid valves and vacuum pumps will stop immediately. If there is still vacuum or protective gas in the pipeline, you need to remove one end of the pipeline to release and return to the normal pressure value, and then perform normal operation.

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