At present, glove boxes are commonly used in the industry. The water and oxygen removal function of glove box is realized by purification materials, which need to be regenerated to recover their activity after adsorption saturation, so that they can have the function of water and oxygen removal again. At present, the reduction cleaning of some manufacturers in the industry is more frequent. In addition to the regeneration process problems of sealing and purification materials, there are unreasonable structural design of purification column, unscientific design of height diameter ratio, unscientific control of flow rate of reduction gas, and incomplete reduction and regeneration every time.

Therefore, it is an urgent problem for the whole industry to find an excellent glove box purification and regeneration system, which can make the purification materials in the regeneration process more uniform when heated, more thorough reduction, and improve the efficiency of the purification and regeneration system.

In order to overcome the above difficulties, a glove box with a purification system is provided, which has good purification and regeneration effect and high utilization rate of purification materials. According to the difference of reduction gas consumption in different stages of reduction reaction, the glove box for gas purification in Nichwell realizes automatic control of reduction gas flow through PLC program to automatically control time and adjust gas flow. The glove box gas purification system improves the utilization rate of purification materials, improves the use times of glove box purification, and reduces the reduction frequency of purification column.


  • Mar 25, 2020
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