Because of its long cycle life, light weight and other advantages, lithium battery module is widely used in electric vehicle, communication power supply, energy storage field. At present, the mainstream battery production process is single machine production, the pole piece is produced to the lamination process link, and the bare cell after lamination is manually transported to the next process, so the production efficiency is very low. As a result, the automatic production line of lithium battery lamination process came into being.

However, the traditional process of fixture has no pre tightening device for the cell, which leads to the cell prone to pole dislocation in the process of circulation. At the same time, it affects the production quality of the next process, resulting in the low rate of excellent products. In addition, the traditional process of fixture has no special clamp opening device, which easily leads to the failure of timely Take out or put the electric core into the fixture, which will affect the production efficiency.

In view of the lack of the existing technology, Nichwell provides an integrated lithium battery production line to ensure that the battery core from baking to liquid injection and sealing process are all operated in a controllable water free and oxygen free environment, providing the most solid protection for the battery quality.

The automatic transmission function of the automatic production line can realize the automatic production of batteries, greatly improve the production efficiency, save human capital, configure MES manufacturing execution system and MES manufacturing execution system, and realize the low cost of information-based production. Customers do not need to build drying room and purchase Rotary Dehumidification System, saving investment cost and operation cost.


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