In the process of chemical experiment, harmful gases which are harmful to human health are often released, which are harmful to the health of experimental personnel and the atmospheric environment. For example, when operating in the laboratory, people can use the way of installing exhaust devices such as ventilation cabinets to avoid the harmful gas inhaled by the laboratory personnel as much as possible.

But if the teacher wants to do the chemical demonstration experiment in the classroom, the harmful gas produced in the chemical demonstration experiment will be released into the classroom space, which will cause the air pollution of the classroom, thus affecting the health of teachers and students. In addition, the current ventilation devices only have the function of ventilation and air exchange, which can not completely avoid the harm to human body and can not purify the harmful gas, so that the harmful gas can be directly discharged out of the room and become the pollution source of the air environment.

In view of the shortcomings of the prior art, a gas purification glove box for chemical experiments to avoid human injury and environmental pollution is provided. The technical solution to the technical problem is characterized in that the glove box includes a glove box and a gas adsorption and purification device, the glove box is made of toughened glass, and the glove holes and gloves, air inlet valves and air outlet valves are respectively arranged on the surface; the gas adsorption and purification device includes a transparent shell, and an air inlet and an air outlet are arranged on the transparent shell of the absorption plate inside the shell, The air outlet is connected with the exhaust pipe; the air outlet valve of the glove box body is connected with the air inlet of the gas adsorption purification device through a hose through an induced draft fan. The transparent shell of the gas adsorption purification device of the adsorption plate is arranged in the vertical direction of the air flow.

The vacuum glove box for gas purification has the following characteristics: avoiding the contact between the experimenter and the experimental environment to the greatest extent, no gas pollution, fire and explosion-proof, ensuring the safety and health of the experimenter; purifying the polluted gas produced in the chemical experiment and then discharging it into the sewer, overcoming the disadvantages of the former ventilation device that only ventilates but not purifies, avoiding the pollution of the atmospheric environment Dye.


  • Mar 27, 2020
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