Lithium-ionbatteries are widely used by researchers and researchers in various countries because of their advantages such as high energy density, high specific power, good cycle performance, no memory effect, and no pollution, and good economic, social, and strategic significance. Power lithium-ion battery is the main or even sole source of power for electric vehicles, and its performance will restrict the development of the entire electric vehicle industry. In recent years, it has been widely used in electric vehicles.

Many steps in the production process of soft-packed lithium-ion batteries require baking, such as baking of pole pieces, baking of cells, baking of positive active materials, conductive agents, and binders. The entire baking process is completed in a vacuum baking box. Generally, it takes about 24 hours to complete a baking cycle from the feeding to the discharging, even if forced cooling is used. The moisture content of the baked cells can only reach 400ppm-600ppm, which cannot meet the lower requirements, which will affect the capacity and life of the battery. Moreover, this method affects the utilization rate of the oven and consumes energy and time.

An automatic production line for lithium batteries is provided. The integrated production line consists of an oven, a cooling glove box, a liquid injection glove box, a buffer glove box, a squeeze (static) vacuum box, a sealed glove box, and a discharge vacuum box. The oven and the glove box are seamlessly connected to achieve continuous production. The oven and the glove box are seamlessly connected. After baking, the battery core is always kept in a water-free and oxygen-free glove box environment. Fast cooling speed, the entire production line includes a cooling glove box, fast cooling speed, low cost, water-free and oxygen-free operating environment, to ensure that the cell from baking to filling, the sealing process is all in a controlled water-free and oxygen-free environment Operation, to provide the most solid protection for the quality of the battery. Functions such as automatic transmission can realize the automatic production of batteries, greatly improve production efficiency and save human capital.

The lithium battery automatic production line can effectively solve the problems that the moisture content of the lithium ion battery cells after baking cannot meet the requirements affecting the capacity and life of the battery, and the existing baking methods affect the oven utilization, energy consumption and time consumption.

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