The concept and equipment of the glove box equipment has been introduced to our country. The principles and manufacturing processes have been digested by domestic gloves manufacturers. The products of domestic glove box manufacturers are gradually mature, but domestic large and small gloves boxes. Manufacturers produce the level of technologies, uniform, air tightness, durability, and oxygen-proof penetration resistance.

    The quality of the glovebox is specifically in:

1, the glove box box is compressed, but it may consume 1 bottle of inert gas for 2 days;

2, the glove box gas leaks are unhappy, reaches the compressive standard, but the oxygen indicator does not meet the standard, it is not possible to stably control the standards less than 1 ppm, which is the difference between the sealing material and the seal, the water oxygen is more, and the oxygen enters the glove box body Inert atmosphere, reduce the purity of an inert atmosphere;

3, the accuracy and durability of the oxygen probe of the glove box are uneven. Different probes used in domestic different gloves, the material is different, the probe service life and test accuracy are different, and the detection data of the atmosphere in the glove box may not Real oxygen content of the reaction glove box atmosphere;

4, the technical source of the glove box products of different domestic manufacturers is different or the principle of the company's products, the production process, industry experience will also affect the stability, durability and data accuracy of the factory glove box product.

5. Some companies that are purely simply equit, there is a phenomenon of crude, there is no technical reserve, which will be very bitter after purchase.

  • Apr 25, 2021
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