Vacuum glove boxes are widely used in industries that require high gas purification. Although the design of the current glove box is more reasonable and easy to operate. However, the structure of the glove box is complex, there are many important parts, and the operation is slightly improper, which may cause loss to your experimental results.


The following describes what should be done before operation:


1. Check whether there is nitrogen in the nitrogen cylinder. The nitrogen should be replaced in time, and the output pressure of the nitrogen should be set to 0.5mpa.


2. Check whether the vacuum pump is turned on normally.


3. Check whether the loop in the glove box is open. (Open one of the purification column-I or purification column-II)


4. Check that the upper limit pressure in the setting should be +1, and the lower limit pressure should be 0


5. Check whether the oxygen and dew point are normal (the oxygen is below 0.1ppm, and the dew point is above -40)


6. The vacuum pump of the antechamber should be in a normally open state

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