Glove box water probe cleaning (only for washable probes)

one) Explanation: If the h2o probe is not cleaned for a prolonged time, some grime will adhere to the area, influencing the detection.

two) Steps:

① Close the cycle and analyzer

② Established the operating stress to +5 to + 8mbar

③Remove the water probe and quickly blind the air outlet with a blind plate

④Unscrew the metallic protective protect on the entrance of the probe, wash it with deionized water, and then dry it with dust-cost-free paper, then moisten the probe with dust-totally free paper dripped with cleansing fluid, and use evenly

⑤ Place it back again in place, open the cycle, switch on the analyzer after 1 hour, and return to normal stage after 50 percent an hour.


After the drinking water probe is cleaned, the glove box strain is established to the unique value, and the cycle is turned on but the analyzer is turned on yet again after one hour, simply because after the drinking water probe is cleaned, the probe floor is cleaned with deionized drinking water or sixty five% concentrated phosphoric acid wetting consists of h2o Sure, if the analyzer is turned on prematurely, the h2o benefit will always be detected and exhibited to exceed the normal, so it is essential to circulate in the tank for a while and hold out for the h2o vapor to dissipate ahead of turning it on once more.


  • Aug 02, 2021
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