The glove box sealing effect is good: the entire glove box sealing operation box is transparent plexiglass, the glove box sealing box is clear at a glance, and the viewing angle is wide and there is no dead angle. Its structure is simple, easy to use, can transmit ultraviolet light, and is light in weight.

 Under normal conditions, its shape is stable, highly transparent, resistant to chemical corrosion and climate change. The glove box sealed box is equipped with a porous power socket, which is convenient for scientific experiments. Thick latex gloves are used for operation gloves. The sealing is reliable and durable.

The glove box sealing device has novel design, reliable sealing and easy opening. The glove box has good sealing performance, and can shield and absorb alpha rays and low-energy beta rays emitted by radioactive materials to protect human tissues from damage by ionizing radiation. Optional accessories for glove box: water content analyzer, oxygen content analyzer, automatic control system, heating temperature control system, vacuum pump, etc.

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