High-vacuumcoating machine, coating machine is currently a wide range of equipment for producing vacuum conditions. Its related components and components: mechanical pump, booster pump, oil diffusion pump, condensate pump, vacuum measurement system.

1. Vacuum main body-vacuum chamber

Depending on the requirements of the processed products, the size of the vacuum chamber is different. Currently, the diameters of the vacuum chamber are 1.3M, 0.9M, 1.5M, 1.8M, etc. The chamber is made of stainless steel, which requires no rust, solidity, etc., vacuum Each part of the cavity is provided with a connecting valve for connecting each pump.

2. Auxiliary air extraction system

This exhaust system is composed of "diffusion pump + mechanical pump + roots pump + cryogenic cold trap + polycold"

The exhaust process is: the mechanical pump first pumps the vacuum chamber to a low vacuum state less than 2.0*10-2PA, which provides a prerequisite for the subsequent vacuuming of the diffusion pump, and then when the diffusion pump pumps the vacuum chamber, the mechanical pump cooperates with oil diffusion The pumps are connected in series to complete the pumping action in this way.

The exhaust system is an important part of the vacuum system of the coating machine, which mainly consists of three parts: mechanical pump, booster pump (mainly introduces Roots pump), and oil diffusion pump.

Mechanical pump: also called backing pump. Mechanical pump is a kind of low vacuum pump that is widely used. It uses oil to maintain the sealing effect and relies on mechanical methods to continuously change the volume of the suction cavity in the pump to make the pumped container The volume of the gas continuously expands to obtain a vacuum.

There are many types of mechanical pumps. Commonly used are slide valve type (this is mainly used in large equipment), piston reciprocating type, fixed vane type and rotary vane type (this is currently widely used, this article mainly introduces) four types.

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