With the outbreak of new energy vehicles, the demand for lithium batteries continues to rise, and the requirements for cost and performance are also rising. It can be said that the lithium battery industry is full of opportunities and challenges. The automation and intelligence of the lithium battery production line will directly determine the competitiveness of lithium battery companies in the future. Therefore, the equipment automation upgrade of domestic lithium battery manufacturers has become the only way to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Whoever has the production capacity of high-end automation equipment first will be the first to gain.

Nowadays, lithium batteries are developing in the direction of safety and standardization. The high-precision, high-efficiency, serialization and high-automation production lines of equipment will become the general direction of industry development. Fully automated and intelligent lithium battery production equipment will ensure the production process of lithium batteries, so that the produced lithium batteries have better consistency, high reliable safety performance and pass-through yield, thereby reducing production costs.

Automated lithium battery production line can realize fully automated production of lithium batteries, greatly improving production efficiency and saving labor costs. Seven steps of lithium battery automatic production line

Step1: the battery raw material package enters the glove box from the feed compartment

Step 2: The battery raw material package is automatically scanned and weighed, and the weighed battery raw material package is automatically placed in the material conveying device

Step 3: The conveying device automatically enters the liquid injection cylinder for liquid injection

Step 4: the batteries after injection are put into the static cylinders 1, 2, and 3 respectively for standing

Step 5: The battery after standing still enters the sealing cylinder for vacuuming and sealing

Step 6: The sealed battery will be automatically weighed a second time, and the unqualified products will enter the recovery transition compartment on the left for processing

Step 7: Qualified batteries will be automatically sent to the discharge chamber.

The entire production process of the battery can be automated.

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