The existing lithium-ion battery injection methods and equipment are relatively complete, but due to the relatively large amount of lithium-ion power battery injection, the existing injection equipment can no longer meet the production needs. Li-ion power battery injection is a battery preparation process It’s a very important process, and the current lithium-ion power battery injection equipment is composed of electrolyte filling, storage tank, filling valve, filling pump, filling cylinder, filling needle and Haiba pump. The equipment needs to open the valve manually, and only one battery can be filled at a time, which is inefficient and inconvenient to operate.

In order to solve the problems that the existing lithium ion power battery injection equipment needs to manually open the valve, only one battery can be injected at a time, the injection efficiency is low, and the operation is inconvenient. Nichwell provides an automatic production line for lithium batteries. The automatic production line for lithium batteries can realize automatic code scanning-injection-weighing-refill-sealing operations in the super clean glove box. It can complete the injection of multiple batteries in one operation. Liquid, convenient production and operation, high liquid injection efficiency.

The automatic lithium battery production line is suitable for the production of various sizes of lithium-ion power batteries. It can also ensure that the battery cells are all operated in a controllable anhydrous and oxygen-free environment from baking to filling, and providing the best quality for the battery. Solid protection, high-efficiency and completely unmanned automatic production is realized, which greatly saves labor costs, greatly improves production capacity, product quality and yield, and maximizes customer benefits.

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