Lithium battery glove box dew point analyzer is widely used in power plants, metallurgy, scientific research, health and quarantine, food storage, medical equipment, environmental experiments, comparison and calibration, papermaking and textiles and other production processes. It is especially suitable for the measurement of acid and alkali gases. SF6, carbon dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide, and oxygen are not affected.


In the production and application of dry air, humidity and condensation are the primary parameters of concern. In today's high-quality industrial production, long-term accurate and reliable humidity (dew point) monitoring and control are necessary.




Accurate temperature, humidity, and dew point measurement


Sensor and meter body split design


A variety of interchangeable probes are available, suitable for humidity measurement in different occasions


High precision, no aging


Good stability, small annual drift


Can convert dew point and PPm


Sensor automatic diagnosis and automatic correction


Quickly display dew point, humidity and temperature values


Accuracy: high precision, no aging


Withstand voltage: 20KG


Through PLC or independent display


Dew point: temperature, humidity, balance trend arrow indication


Provide measurement reports to ensure reliable product quality

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