In recent years, with the rise of lithium battery manufacturing industry and the participation of many lithium battery manufacturers, the domestic lithium battery market has been mixed. Now the lithium battery industry has entered a stage of rapid development, but the current equipment and process conditions are all restricting us. The rapid development of many companies in the industry, how to make lithium batteries small and durable, high energy storage density, and even beautiful, are all issues before us! Equipment is one of the important aspects, introduced here The glove box of Nichwell plays a key role in the production of lithium batteries.

Nichwell’s large-scale lithium battery automatic production line, which can realize automatic scanning-injection-weighing-replenishing-sealing operations in the glove box, realizing efficient and completely unmanned automatic production, greatly saving labor costs, and greatly increasing productivity with product quality and yield, maximize the benefits for customers; this production line is a revolution in the production of lithium batteries/supercapacitors.

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